Here you can find the latest staff listing for Black Sun Studios.


Team Fortress 2 - ZombieX Reloaded @

  • Varyim - Co-Owner
  • Davet - Community Leader
  • Gadunka - Server Head Admin
  • Kairi - Admin
  • Microwavable_Goods - Admin
  • Fract - Admin
  • Kiddie - Admin
  • June - Admin
  • Unholy- Admin
  • Halt - Lead Developer
  • Fract - Mapper/Server Administration
  • TheS4rr<3 - Graphics Design
  • Riotline - Assistant Scripter
Current Dev Team:


  • bSun Halt
  • Riotline
  • [GR]Ant_8490{A}

Graphics Design
  • TheS4rr<3
  • xDShot

Mod Status: Alpha 1.2
Projected Release Date: Saturday, June 3rd

  • Prep time 60 seconds
  • Round time 5 minutes
  • Zombie are no longer green. Replaced with models
  • No Perks (As of now)
  • Better maps, more well made with a higher quality.
  • Tombstones where humans die
  • Zombies spawn from ground
  • Explode command (zombie only) damaging all humans withing small radius
  • Zombies on fire (No damage)
  • [Admin] hovers over admins
  • If you are a forums member you will have the ability to use special effects
  • [Possible] Artillery strikes
  • Zombie Survival

    Coming in 2017
  • Our Thanks

    We'd like to thank all who play, run, and help develop the community further and to where it is at today. Past, present, and future members have returned when Black Sun Studios returns. We'd personally like to thank you all for taking part in this amazing community.
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    Our discord server can be found below, there you will find the regulars playing all games from Team Fortress 2, Dead by Daylight, Terraria, Garry's Mod, and more. Or just come chill in the lounge and chat with everyone and even listen to music. Check it out, its a good time. Click here to join our Discord server!