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    In order to apply for administration roles you must follow the template listed below.

    1. The position you are applying for.
    2. Name and age.
    3. Servers or Development you wish to apply for.
    4. Estimated time spent within the community.
    5. Experience.
    6. Steam ID.
    7. Referrals.
    Example template.

    1. Applying for Admin.
    2. Caitlin Snow, 17
    3. Team Fortress 2 Zombies.
    4. Four months being apart of the forums and server.
    5. I have been a trusted Admin on other servers.
    6. STEAM_0:0:193412934
    7. Halt knows me pretty well, I'm pretty confident he can throw in a good word for me.
    8. Thank you for viewing my application.
    Useful Information.

    Available roles to apply for: [Developer, Admin, Head Admin, Community Leader]

    Available Developer roles to apply for: [Programmer, Graphic Designer, Modeler, Mapper]
    Click here to find Steam ID
    Application Rules.

    • All information MUST be correct.
    • You must be at least Thirteen to apply for any administration position.
    • Do not plagiarize.
    • Don't comment on other admin applications other than your own.
    • All applications are required to be in proper format.
    • Don't bug admins about when you will be accepted.
    • Don't create more than one thread (unless for a new position or told too)
    • Must have a forums account older than 7 days to apply.
    • You can not apply for a position that is full.
    • You cannot apply for a Community Leader/Head admin position unless you have been
      active in the community for at least 5 months.
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