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    1.Applying for Admin
    2.Jose Rosales, 14
    3.Team Fortress 2 ZombieX
    4.Been here since Feb 4, 2016
    5.Was an admin for bSun
    7.Unholy,Kiddie,Fracto,Batman (Kara now),Halt,Micro,Kairi
    8.Being part of this community is something I love and is something that I'm really glad I found about it.Before all this I had no good friends til I met a lot of people here, and all you guys are really good friends and we all have good memories in the past from bSun and the Game nights we had together. Throughout this year of 2016-2017 I learned new things and responsibilities and I know being accepted to be admin and having the responsibility to look over the server while others are not on is something I want to do like being a baby sitter looking over 20+ kids. I learned a lot of things in this server and I will be learning more in the future as well. In the future this community will rise again popular just like last year , what makes this a good community is the people running it ALL you guys are the ones that made this community turn to something special and something i love and will be my number one server ever! Thank you for your time.
  • Zombie Survival

    Coming in 2017
  • Our Thanks

    We'd like to thank all who play, run, and help develop the community further and to where it is at today. Past, present, and future members have returned when Black Sun Studios returns. We'd personally like to thank you all for taking part in this amazing community.
  • Join the Discord

    Our discord server can be found below, there you will find the regulars playing all games from Team Fortress 2, Dead by Daylight, Terraria, Garry's Mod, and more. Or just come chill in the lounge and chat with everyone and even listen to music. Check it out, its a good time. Click here to join our Discord server!