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Should I be the First Asian Admin In this server? :D

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. "D"umpling

  4. "R"amen

  5. "U"ndon Noodle

  6. "G"ia (means Chicken in Vietmanese"

  7. Spicy Chicken

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    Mar 7, 2016
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    1. The position you are applying for. Admin Or Moderator
    2. Name and age. James 15
    3. Servers or Development you wish to apply for. I would like to be admin on the bsun zom server.
    4. Estimated time spent within the community. About 2-3 years
    5. Experience. I was a trial mod on the server once for about 2 weeks but then my pc broke so Ig I got demoted. I also have lots of experience on gmod server like Serious TTT West DL and Dank Dark Rp.I also have a lot of admin experiences on multiple Unturned Rp and PvP servers
    6. Steam ID. STEAM_0:1:183555772
    7. Referrals. None
    8. Comments. I am the type of ching chong Asian that you would want in your servers and keep in your servers. I have a motto "If It Doesn't Fit On Your Chopstick Don't Pick It Up" That means "Good Things Come Easy To You If You Start Off Small But If You Start Big They Are Only Going To Be Harder To get" I do not have the best Laptop in the world Nor is it the worst but It is still playable. Through my 9fps experiences in the loading screen and constant pings of 700 on good server I've learned that if you're patient your mind will only be better and you do not need good things to be the best. That's why I will be good with dealing with trolls and Fags who try to ruin the worlds best server.
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