Team Fortress ZombieX Reloaded Game play/Commands/Rules

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    Game play/Commands/Rules
    Here you can find the the ZombieXR game play dynamics, commands, and rules of the server(s). Please read carefully in order to get the most out of the game!

    • Preperation period is 30 seconds long
    • Rounds are 5 minutes long
    • Each map plays for approximately 4 rounds
    • Each zombie killed give you .5 ZomPoints "ZP's". Humans can use these points to buy perks.
    • A random player(s) is chosen to be the first zombie. More players in the server means more zombies that spawn at the beginning of the round
    • The last human alive is given 30 ZomPoints
    • When there is only one human left music plays
    • Click here to find a list of modified damages for weapons including (100% crit weapons, and instant kill weapons)
    • Forum members are given basic sprite trails
    • zom_explode (For zombies only, allowing zombies to suicide bomb damaging humans near them)
    • zom_strike (For humans only, allowing them to call an artillery strike for 10 ZomPoint's "ZP's" )
    • /tp (Toggles third person for players)
    Player Rules
    Here are the server rules made public for all members, and players to see. If you are found to have violated these rules then the corrective actions will be taken. Just follow these simple rule to help us keep our servers fair and fun!
    1. No glitching, cheating, or exploiting the mod/maps
    2. Do not disrespect fellow players & or admins
    3. No pornographic sprays
    4. No racism, a joke is one thing but don't take it further than that
    5. No racial/homophobic slurs.
    6. No spamming the chat, or on the mic.
    7. Keep the foul language to a minimum level, a wide variety of ages play on our servers
    8. Don't assume you're better than another player if you've been around longer
    9. Do not quit because you are selected to be the first zombie
    10. Do not troll, or grief

    Admin Rules
    1. Do not abuse powers such as slapping, gravity, noclip, etc. You may use them if you wish, as long as it does not make it easier or harder for the person to kill or be killed.
    2. Only mute, kick, or take corrective actions when necessary
    3. Do not use the voting system for pointless votes
    4. Use the lowest level of corrective measure's first, and escalate to higher if need be
    5. When adding a major ban you will report it to a community leader via forum messages
    6. No changing the map because you feel the players want it changed, especially in the middle of a round, be sure to take an appropriate vote before interrupting gameplay
    7. If the server is to crash immediately notify you higher up so we can get the server back online ASAP
    8. Report all glitches found

    If you feel you've been abused or wrongfully punished please notify us and we will host a fair trial.
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    Always critical weapons are as follows
    • Bonesaw
    • Scattergun
    • Scout Handgun
    • Shovel
    • Flare gun
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Demoshield
    • Heavy shotgun
    • Heavy fists
    • Pomson
    • Wrench
    • Club
    • Revolver
    • Shotgun
    • Lunchbox
    • Rocket launcher
    • Soda popper
    • Sniper bow
    • Crossbow

    Instant kill weapons are as follows
    • Sandman ball
    Zombie damage
    • 40 damage for all weapons
    • 25 DPS for bleed weapons
  • Zombie Survival

    Coming in 2017
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